The Ark of Covenant is the best known Holy artifact from the Bible.

The Ark of Covenant was a small rectangular box built of Acacia wood and overlaid insde and out with gold.  Its' top had 2 gold Cherubims facing each other with their wings spread out toward and touching each other.  Between the Cherubim is what is known as the "Mercy seat".  Here, the High Priest of the Israelites would sprinkle the blood of a goat on the Day of Atonement,for the sins of the People of Israel.  The two Cherubim represented Gods Glory. God would communicate to Moses and the Priests from above the Mercy seat.  

On the sides of the Ark of Covenant were four rings into which were placed 2 long bars made of Acacia wood overlaid with gold.  This allowed the Priests to carry it without actually touching the Holy Ark.

  Inside, the Ark contained the 2 stone tablets of the law (the Ten commandments), Aarons' rod that budded and also the golden pot of Manna.

  The Ark traveled in front of the people throughout the wilderness during the 40 years the Israelites wandered.  Later,  the Bible Ark was put into the Temple Built by King Solomon in Jerusalem.

  In 587 the Israelites were carried off into captivity into Babylon.  After that the Bible never mentions the Ark of Covenant again.